Some iPhone X users complain of not being able to take incoming calls; Apple investigating the glitch

Tech giant Apple has found itself in the soup again after some iPhone X users started reporting an issue where the phone prevents them from taking an incoming call.

The issue came to the fore after users started pouring in complaints onto the company’s support forum reporting a bug due to which the screen does not light up to display incoming call.

Further, some users have reported that the screen lights up only after a few seconds, by when the call gets missed and they are left with just a missed call notification.

“I hear the phone ringing, but the graphics on the screen don’t change to the phone mode, only after 5-6 rings. Not only I can’t answer the phone, I also can’t see who is calling, but only after about 10 seconds,” a user complained.

“To solve this, I need to restart the phone, until it’ll come back again. It doesn’t help to even close all the apps. I’ll just add that it is a new phone, not from second hand or something, and I’m far from using all my memory,” the user added.

Another user reported on similar lines saying, “Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, it starts ringing but the display comes after 6-8 seconds. Whenever I restart my iPhone X, the problems gets automatically solved and after 15-20 calls the same problem reoccurs. I have performed the hard reset as well as the soft reset of my Iphone X but it was of no use.”

Though the company is yet to confirm the existence of the bug, Apple has said it is looking into the complaints.

The mobile handset that was launched just three months ago and one of the latest offerings from the much coveted brand, costs USD 1,000 in the US and  in India the cost as steep as about Rs 88,000.

Seperately, some iPhone 7 users complained that they are facing issues due to a bug which displays “No Service” on the phone’s status bar even when the service is available. Apple has confirmed it will provide free of cost repairs for the same.

The company owned up to the error when it confirmed the issue results because of a faulty component on the device’s motherboard (called logic board in mobile parlance).

The company stated the bug is present on certain phones which were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and sold in the US, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macao markets.