See better pricing in H2 than H1; eyeing inorganic growth: Asahi Songwon Colors

Asahi Songwon Colors reported a decent set of Q2 numbers. In an interview to CNBC-TV18, Gokul Jaykrishna, Joint MD of the company spoke about the results and his outlook for the company.

Q1 was an aberration, wasn’t a good quarter for us and we are happy to be back to normal, he said, adding that the product prices have bottomed out in the previous quarter.

“Second half pricing should be better than first half because the prices have bottomed out, so our product sizes are starting to move up,” said Jaykrishna.

Speaking about inorganic opportunity, he said that, “We do continue to look for inorganic opportunities because we are a cash-rich company and cash flows continue to throw out excess cash so we are sitting on cash which can possibly help us do an acquisition but there is nothing that we have been able to zero-in.”

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